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Laparoscopic Specimen Retrieval Bag

Boer disposable laparoscopic specimen retrieval bag is also known as laparoscopic endo retrieval pouch, anchor bag tissue retrieval systerm or laparoscopic endobag. This device is used for collecting human tissue specimens and remove them for external use. The bag is made of TPU, a very stong medical grade materail to avoid any spilling.

Features of Laparoscopic Specimen Retrieval Bag

Laparoscopic Specimen Retrieval Bag Features

Boer laparoscopic specimen retrieval bag has 3 sizes, φ10*250mm, φ10*350mm and φ10*1000mm. It’s singled packed and steriled.

Features & Benefits

a large bag volume accommodeates a wide range of specimen sizes

prevent disseased tissue from contacting with healthy ones effectively, reduce the risk of surgical infection

tissue specimen is automatically secured in the pouch, easy to use and time saving

Specification of Laparoscopic Specimen Retrieval Bag


Item No. B100105330/B100205360/B100305430/B100410360
Product Name Disposable laparoscopic specimen retrieval bag
Type φ10*100mm/φ10*200/φ10*400/φ10*800
Single Packing 5.2*12*25cm
Material Metal/Plastic/ABS/TUP
Port Ningbo/Shanghai