Endo - Single Use Endoscopic Linear Cutter and Reload

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product introduction

Single Use Endoscopic Linear Cutter and Reload Indications

The Single Use Endoscopic Stapler can be used in abdominal, gynecologic, pediatric and thoracic surgery for resection, transection and creation of side-to-side anastomosis.

Instruction for use


  • The Single Use Endoscopic Stapler should not be used on tissue such as liver or spleen where compressibility would be destructive when closure of the instruments on it.
  • Do not use the Single Use Endoscopic Stapler when hemostasis cannot be ensured.
  • Do not use the Single Use Endoscopic Stapler on severe mucous edema, ischemic or necrotic tissue.
  • The Single Use Endoscopic Stapler is provided STERILE and are intended to be used in a SINGLE procedure only.

Single Use Endoscopic Linear Cutter and Reload Features & Benefits

Enhanced compression space control system

Ensure space between anvil and reload keeping the same from proximal to distal side. During firing, to provide consistent B-sharp formation

Auxiliary grasping force of reload surface

Avoid the tissue slipping out during firing.

Real one-handed operation

Easy and convenient to open and close the jaw by one-handed operation

Safety block mechanism

Ensure the knife can be returned to the original position anytime in case of emergency

Multiple reload options meet for different requirement of tissue thickness

Provide more options to suit for different tissues

Adaptive angle adjustment

Adjust the reload angle freely


Code Effective length for use
SEC30S  SEFC30S 250
SEC30 SEFC30 310
SEC30L  SEFC30L 410
SEC45S  SEFC45S 265
SEC45 SEFC45 325
SEC45L  SEFC45L 425
SEC60S, SEFC60S 280
SEC60, SEFC60 340
SEC60L, SEFC60L 440

Table 1


Staple Line Color Code Staple Leg Height Compressed Tissue Thickness of Application
30mm Grey 2.0mm,2.0mm,2.0mm  0.75mm
30mm White 2.5mm,2.5mm,2.5mm 1.0mm
30mm Blue 3.5mm,3.5mm,3.5mm 1.5mm
30mm Green 4.2mm,4.2mm,4.2mm 2.3mm
30mm Golden 3.8mm,3.8mmm,3.8mm 1.8mm
45mm Grey 2.0mm,2.0mm,2.0mm  0.75mm
45mm White 2.5mm,2.5mm,2.5mm 1.0mm
45mm Blue 3.5mm,3.5mm,3.5mm 1.5mm
45mm Green 4.2mm,4.2mm,4.2mm 2.3mm
45mm Golden 3.8mm,3.8mmm,3.8mm 1.8mm
60mm Grey 2.0mm,2.0mm,2.0mm  0.75mm
60mm White 2.5mm,2.5mm,2.5mm 1.0mm
60mm Blue 3.5mm,3.5mm,3.5mm 1.5mm
60mm Green 4.2mm,4.2mm,4.2mm 2.3mm
60mm Golden 3.8mm,3.8mmm,3.8mm 1.8mm

Table 2