Category: Meshes

POLYMESH Polypropylene


Macroporous open pore structure promoting maximum integration


Thin wall structure with less material for reducing scar tissue build up and minimizing patient discomfort

Uniformly strong.

Strong and durable PP material maintains consistent levels of strength while avoiding the problems associated with composite meshes


Transparent open pore structure facilitating fast incorporation and visualization of underlying tissue structures

Polymesh Polypropylene

Polymesh Macroporous Polypropylene Surgical Mesh is an implant suitable for different types of fascial defects. Polymesh provides the favorable ingrowth and healed-strength characteristics of a large-pore monofilament polypropylene mesh with optimized handling and biocompatibility attributes in one high-performance implant of polypropylene.


Polymesh Composite is a partially absorbable knitted mesh. The knitted structure is constructed by 50% polypropylene (non-absorbable) and 50% Polyglecaprone (absorbable) which provides its strength and softness. Absorbable part of mesh is homogeneously absorbed in 90-120 days and provides maximum patient comfort. Polymesh Composite is compatible with body moves. It can be cut to any sizes and shapes without leaving mesh particles. Polymesh Composite does not damage tissues, it has soft edges.

Polymesh Composite can be used for open surgery and laparoscopy. It can pass through trocar easily. Polymesh Composite has coloured lines to provide better visibility.


Silicone barrier minimizes tissue attachment
to the prosthesis
•Mesh is easily cut to customize shape and size
•Has ideal memory for laparoscopic repair

Polymesh Dual is composed of double sides with different properties for implantation in intra-peritoneal site.

Visceral side is made of non-adherent silicone which prevents adhesion formation and creates a pseudo-peritoneum.

Parietal side is made of Non-woven Polypropylene for an easier tissue fixation and colonization.


Designed for open and laparoscopic hernia repair when a tissue separating layer is needed.

POLYMESH INOVA combines Betatech’s Polymesh Polypropylene with a tissue separating film layer.

A perfect choice for intra-abdominal placement, POLYMESH INOVA outperforms all competitive products in regards to handling, positioning and fixation stability, while providing a more natural healing experience for the patient.

• Polymesh Polypropylene construction provides optimal burst and fixation retention strength necessary for today’s challenging hernia patients
• Tight trocar roll up capability with minimal edge curl.
• Exceptional see-thru clarity helps surgeon identify anatomical landmarks and assure proper mesh fixation.
• Ability to trim and customize mesh shape at the surgeon’s discretion, without loss of strength.