DVT Prevention Pump D-COS

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product introduction

Portable Deep Vein Thrombosis Preventive Pump System
for user’s convenience and wide application


D-cos provides you with better solution to prevent DVT and save you from threatening side effects.
You can simply wrap D-cos air cuff around your calf and turn on the device for the treatment.
It delivers sequential pneumatic pulse to the applied part through air cuff and smoothly stimulates your blood circulation. You will be pleased with rhythmical compression.

Disposable Cuff

When the cuffs are contaminated, you may simply discard and change them. You do not need to replace the whole system, Save your cost!

Diverse Cuff Sizes for All Ages and Gender

D-cos has 3 different sizes of cuff, providing all age and gender with perfect fit.

Lightweight and Portable

D-cos is a portable DVT pump. The patients can be treated wherever they want at any time.


Ref No. Description Qty/Carton Remark
DC1505-03 Portable Pneumatic Controller 10 set
CF03-WBS Cuff for calf – Small size 40 packs 2 pcs/pack
CF03-WBM Cuff for calf – Medium size 40 packs
CF03-WBL Cuff for calf – Large size 40 packs